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Ride horses on the beach in Uruguay.

Travel to Punto del Diablo on the Atlantic coast of Uruguay

One cannot have a good life balance without first devoting some time to their own happiness, and many people find that traveling helps. Being in new surroundings and seeing the many beautiful sights that the world has to offer provides memorable and enriching experiences. Those who want to head to South America on their next trip should consider visiting Punta del Diablo, a village located on Uruguay's Atlantic Coast.

The seaside town sees more than 20,000 visitors every year, many of which come to enjoy the peaceful scenery and bohemian atmosphere. Some of the most popular things to do here are all outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, dune boarding and surfing.

Those who are interested in riding horses should know that, unless they are visiting in the off-season, they will not be allowed to tour the beaches. Instead, visitors can ride the animals through the Santa Tereza National Park.

For a dune boarding excursion, guests can rent boards from a local surf shop. One of the best places to go for this activity is La Viuda beach, where the sand dunes are high and there is plenty of excitement. This beach is also a great spot for surfing, as is Playa Rivero, Santa Tereza and La Moza.

Cruises can offer the serene stillness of the ocean

Find calm aboard a scenic cruise

Scenic beauty has long been linked to mental health, a fact that has inspired many people to explore the world in search of peace and serenity. For those travelers who are looking for a beautiful getaway that will allow them to experience self healing through emphatic emotion, Travel + Leisure's recent list of the most scenic cruises in the world may be a great place to begin the search.

One of the best destinations for travelers seeking to experience the power of nature is Alaska, where cruisers will explore the coast of America's largest state and the many natural wonders it offers. Travelers can witness large glaciers as they calve and crash into the ocean, or simply stair out at the majestic forests that seem to stretch on forever.

French Polynesia offers more tropical serenity, though its thick rainforest and dark volcanic peaks will certainly allow visitors to feel the sheer immensity and complexity of the natural world. Travelers who get to take a dip in the crystal clear waters will be all too happy they did, as the cool water can be a great relief from the warm weather.

Fried silkworms.

Try a Far East delicacy at the Donghuamen Night Market

One of the many benefits of being in good health is that there is no strict diet one must follow, allowing for a great deal of variety to introduce to one’s palate. This is particularly beneficial while traveling, as sampling international cuisine is a great way to learn about a foreign area’s culture.

Heading abroad opens doors to many new experiences, and those heading to China should consider a trip to the Donghuamen Night Market in Beijing to discover the city’s most unusual offerings.

Every night, tourists and locals alike head to the market to try out traditional foods like spring rolls, crab cakes, dumplings and more. However it’s the strange delicacies that attract adventurous foodies. From grilled snake meat and deep-fried starfish to fried silkworms, sauteed scorpions and giant cicadas, visitors are sure to find something new and different to try.

There are various food stalls placed around the market with signs in English and Mandarin to help eliminate confusion. The signs offer a list of raw ingredients so guests can be sure that they are feeding themselves with healthy, clean foods if they wish, and be aware when they are ordering something less diet-friendly.

The team concluded that progressive resistance training and practices like yoga can help minimize the muscular atrophy that comes with age.

For the elderly, benefits of yoga include increased muscle mass

As Americans age, they are at greater risk of losing muscle mass and bone density, a process that can lead to osteoporosis and decreased quality of life. Participating in Dahn Yoga can slow this process through tai chi, qigong and the moving meditation system known as brain wave vibration.

Recently, a study published in the American Journal of Medicine found that Americans over age 50 who engage in progressive resistance training, as well as the stretching or bending poses of yoga, can gain an estimated two and a half pounds of lean muscle mass in 18 to 20 weeks.


The study was initiated to see what sort of exercise might help mitigate the progressive muscle loss associated with aging. Researchers said that in the U.S., a sedentary adult over age 50 can expect to lose nearly half a pound of muscle each year.

The team concluded that progressive resistance training and practices like yoga can encourage good health and help minimize the muscular atrophy that comes with age.

Individuals of any age can utilize Dahn Yoga as part of a holistic mind-body health system.

If it is done at the right time of day, a round of Dahn Yoga breathing exercises by the ocean can be a powerful and peaceful experience.

Kesha taps into benefits of beach yoga

Those who incorporate a relaxation routine such as Dahn Yoga breathing exercises into their day may find themselves feeling less anxious or wound up. When that day takes place on the beach, one’s good health and sense of peace may be stimulated even further.

Recently, pop singer Kesha took a few minutes out of her day to practice stretching, deep breathing and yoga-like posing on the beach, according to Us Magazine.

She is not alone in finding the seashore a good place to try a little yoga. Many people specifically seek out destinations at which they can relax, practice yoga and escape their worldly cares.

Many beach-side destinations offer yoga programs and spas that cater to individuals who don’t want to abandon their yoga regimen while on vacation, the International Business Times reports. Classes can be found both inside and outside the U.S.

When practicing Dahn Yoga breathing, meditation and posing, the beach can be an acceptable place to do it. The soothing breeze off the ocean can keep the body cool and even help the lungs refresh themselves with healthy sea air.

It is best to make sure that any beach yoga be pursued when it is not too hot outside, so as to avoid excessive sweating or sunstroke. However, if it is done at the right time of day, a round of Dahn Yoga breathing exercises by the ocean can be a powerful and peaceful experience.