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Researchers at the University of London found that Brain Wave Vibration has exceptional benefits for well-being.

Brain Wave Vibration scientifically proven to improve well-being

Many people are skeptical of the effectiveness of Brain Wave Vibration. However, hundreds of people have attested to the benefits of the technique, a holistic healing method that aims to balance the mind and body and encourage peace and happiness through good health. Despite skepticism, the benefits of this practice have actually been clinically proven.

The method involves creating rhythmic, deliberate vibrations in the body and embracing the pulsations. By slowing down your brain waves, these rhythms help free and guide your body's natural ability to recover from injury, illness and the daily wear of life. It's been known to reduce stress, boost vitality and energy, stimulate the healing process and help people better handle their emotions.

In 2011, researchers from the psychology department of the University of London conducted a comparative and randomized trial looking into the effects of Brain Wave Vibration on human emotion and well-being. For five weeks, 35 healthy adults took a series of 10 classes in the subject, Iyengar yoga or mindfulness meditation. All three groups experienced increased feelings of well-being, but Brain Wave Vibration showed significantly higher effects on depression and sleep latency.

Brain wave vibration has been shown to improve motor skills in people with Parkinson's disease.

The healing effects of brain wave vibration on Parkinson’s patients

Brain wave vibration has been used to relieve stress, improve physical vitality and promote a strong mind-body balance. It uses basic vibration exercises to activate the brain stem, circulate ki within the body and slow and steady your brain waves, which allows you to release your tension. But this holistic healing tool may also have a positive effect of people suffering from Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's is a nervous system disorder that worsens over time. During its onset, people may experience minor hand tremors, but they can quickly become more severe. Stiffness, slow movements, slurred speech and an inability to show facial expressions may also develop. The Parkinson's Disease Foundation reports that about 60,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with this debilitating disease every year, and many people suffer from it without even being aware. Men, in particular, are at an increased risk of developing it before the age of 50.

Fortunately, researchers at Wilfrid Laurier University set out to determine the effects of brain wave vibration on motor symptoms of Parkinson's patients. The study, which involved 40 participants, showed that this technique leads to decreased rigidity and tremors in addition to an ability to take greater strides when walking.

Recent studies suggest that brain wave vibration may help ease depression and anxiety.

Can brain wave vibration treat depression and anxiety?

A simple holistic healing method, brain wave vibration has been used to create a strong mind-body connection as well as to control stress, boost energy and spur creative thinking. Additionally, evidence suggests that these ultrasound vibrations can have positive effects on mental health. This is because both the ultrasound vibrations and the brain's protein structures, which affect mood, both resonate in the same megahertz frequencies.

According to a study by University of Arizona scientists, applying ultrasonic waves to specific areas of the brain can alter mood. In the double-blind study, 31 patients from the university's medical center suffering from chronic pain were administered transcranial ultrasounds – neither the patient nor the assigned doctor knew if the ultrasound machine was turned on or off. Those who did receive ultrasound treatment reported elevated moods for up to 40 minutes, while the other group showed no change in mood.

The results of this study have encouraged researchers to further explore brain wave vibration techniques in hopes that they can someday replace pharmaceutical medication as treatment for depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.

Brain wave vibration may sound like fancy neurological jargon, but it actually refers to a simple practice performed daily by thousands of yoga enthusiasts.

What is brain wave vibration?: A quick primer

If you're into yoga and health articles, you may come across the term "brain wave vibration" now and then. What does it mean? How does it relate to yoga in general? Here is a quick tutorial explaining the phrase.

Brain wave vibration may sound like fancy neurological jargon, but it actually refers to a simple practice performed daily by thousands of yoga enthusiasts. Without putting too fine a point on it, this exercise consists of gently shaking the head and neck while breathing deeply.

That's it. Of course, there are some subtleties involved. For one thing, there is no "correct" way to do it. Typically, yoga classes that practice brain wave vibration encourage students to allow their head to slowly move back and forth in whatever direction feels natural and comfortable.

When used regularly (and cautiously, if you are frail or sick), brain wave vibration allows the body's natural life-force rhythms to take over, improving energy levels, boosting your sense of well-being and strengthening the mind's faculty of intention.

Don't believe it? Check out the instruction and testimonials in this quick video:


Geisha can be seen in Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan, is a natural destination for brain wave vibration

Brain wave vibration, also known as moving meditation, is a natural process that allows individuals to work through stresses and negativity in their lives while enjoying peaceful exercises. The process can be practiced anywhere, and is an excellent way to soothe concerns while going about one’s day to day activities – especially when traveling. With all of the walking, hiking and climbing that travelers will be doing in these new environments, brain wave vibration can make the experience calm and relaxing.

One of the best places to explore using this meditative method is the former Japanese capital of Kyoto. One of the biggest attractions in the country, Kyoto is an ancient and revered city that showcases the historical and cultural grandeur of the country. Though Kyoto has a reputation as the “city of 1,000 temples,” much of the metropolis is also quite modern – a dichotomy that only serves to heighten the impressive nature of this popular destination.

There is much to see in this beautiful city, and travelers will definitely get a workout trekking between the many classic sites to take in. First on most people’s lists will likely be the golden palace of Kinkaku-ji, a stunning Buddhist temple set on a pond amid a beautiful forest. Though its opulence and beauty is undeniable, most native travelers prefer the more modest – though still fantastic – Ginkakuji temple.

Elsewhere is the amazing wooden temple of Kiyomizu-dera, a UNESCO recognized structure that was amazingly built without the use of a single nail. This feat of engineering is located just a few blocks from the cultural hub known as Gion, a traditional district that is home to modern geisha and classic teahouses.

brain wave vibration

The beauty of Versailles can aid in brain wave vibration

Moving meditation is a great way for people to work through the stresses and headaches of their day-to-day lives. Most would agree that brain wave vibration is greatly benefitted by a peaceful and serene environment, which is why many individuals choose to hone these skills while exploring the world on a scenic vacation. Gardens tend to be a great place to practice brain wave vibration exercises, and there are few gardens throughout the world as celebrated as the gardens and park of the Chateau de Versailles.

Located on the grounds of the eponymous castle on the outskirts of Paris, the gardens of Versailles are one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of France. The castle is widely hailed as one of the most opulent and beautiful structures in the world, and its role as the former home of Louis XIV lends it a historic resonance that can’t be denied. Possibly the most important historical event to be held at the luxurious estate was the 1919 signing of a peace treaty that called an official end to the hostilities of World War I.

While the castle may be the main attraction for most visitors, the gardens that adorn the grounds of this hallowed estate are just as beautiful, and are a perfect venue for relaxing strolls, deep thought and peaceful meditation. The area was designed by famed French landscape artist, Andre Le Notre, in the 17th century under orders from King Louis, who decried that the grounds should reflect the delicate beauty of the castle they surround.

The gardens span across 250 acres of land and feature a number of secluded walkways that lead to well-maintained flower beds, several ornamental lakes and fountains, quiet nooks that feature classic statues and pottery and a full-sized canal that the Sun King would often use for gondola rides around the estate.

Palace workers toiled for years to create this luscious garden, clearing trees from the once heavily forested area and shifting countless mounds of earth to make way for the king’s many demands. On the ground are flowers, trees and plants from across the country, allowing visitors to the garden a chance to take in the breadth of French agriculture during their trek across Versailles.

Visitors will be happy to hear that the palace grounds have been undergoing repairs in recent years, with much of the area still recovering from the devastating storm of December 1999.

Oroville California

Oroville, California, is a great place to master brain wave vibration

The stresses of modern life can be overwhelming at times, and the familiar surroundings of one’s home can often remind individuals of these worries and concerns. This is one reason why many people opt to pursue relaxing vacations in new surroundings, as a means of escape from the hang-ups of the day-to-day grind. For those who are looking to find a new destination for relaxation that offers many opportunities to hone one’s brain wave vibration techniques, a trip to the small town of Oroville, California, may be in order.

Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California, Oroville is a small town of just over 15,000 people, and the seat of Butte County. In addition to its quaint buildings and beautiful lake, the city is also home to a large population of Maidu Indians and Chinese immigrants, providing visitors with a wealth of cultural attractions to explore as well.

One of the more interesting sites in the area is the Chinese Temple. Built in 1863, the temple has long been a cultural hub for the Chinese communities found north of Sacramento. Though still revered as a sacred place, the temple has since been converted into a museum that discusses the history of Asian Americans in the area.

Native American culture is prominently displayed at the Ishi Emergence Spot, a placard marking the point where the last Native American living in the wild met with European settlers in 1911. The importance of this meeting, as well as additional artifacts and documents about the local cultures can be found at the Lake Oroville visitor’s center.

Lake Oroville itself is a beautiful, man-made lake that proves an excellent staging ground for moving meditation. Walking or biking around the lake will provide visitors with a serene setting from which to contemplate the complexities of life and work towards achieving inner peace.

My Experience with Brain Wave Vibration (a poem!)

by Tommy Tune

To be guided to your own perfect rhythm,
to be coaxed yet never forced,
to be encouraged to find the unique vibration within,
and thus to live with it to its fullest
and highest degree.
This is the path as I perceive it. To each his own.

Donna Robinson’s Vision

In this video Donna Robinson, a yoga practitioner tell her experience about Dahn Yoga and Brain Wave Vibration. Donna Robinson says Brain Wave Vibration has helped her concentrate more on her vision and her vision is to help people in her church to learn about Dahn Yoga.