Dahn Yoga Basics

While most other forms of yoga originate in India, Dahn Yoga is a modernized version of ancient Korean mind-body practice. Rather than focusing on a strict set of poses, Dahn Yoga incorporates a wide variety of mind-body exercises that help practitioners develop their personal health and well-being.

Dahn Yoga focuses on the development of the body’s core strength as the basis of physical, mental, and spiritual health by teaching practitioners to trust their body’s natural wisdom. Dahn Yoga does not require a high degree of flexibility, balance, or strength to follow. Thus, people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels may participate comfortably.

Dahn Yoga includes a unique emphasis on the connection of the brain to health and well-being.

6 thoughts on “Dahn Yoga Basics”

  1. After two years of this yoga I can honestly say it has helped me feel more comfortable in my body and in my world. Regular classes and special workshops have had a cumulative effect on my energy and positive outlook.

  2. I love teaching the Dahn exercises to all ages and all types of health as everyone I have ever given a class for has benefitted

  3. After practicing Dahn yoga for almost 3 years, I’ve had many profound changes in my health, and many other areas of life – relationships with my family, coworkers and friends have drastically improved. But most importantly, my view of myself and my life has become much more positive and confident!

  4. It is true, Dahn Yoga has cumulative affect on the body, mind and spirit. I practiced for a few years and noticed a real, and tangible difference in my overall wellness, mental and physical. It’s a fantastic way to lighten your spirit and brighten up. The centers in my area have been closed for some years now, and I long for the lightness I felt during the days of my regular practice. It’s tough to practice at home alone, but I suppose that’s the next step for me, if I’d like to continue with Dahn Yoga. I’ve done other yoga styles since, but none have come close to the overall benefits Dahn Yoga has given me.

  5. Dahn yoga has improved my life tremendously. I have been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease and the regular Dahn yoga training and workshops have improved my daily life and mobility significantly-physically and mentally. I have been practicing for 2+ years and will continue for life.

  6. Dahn Yoga is very unique way to improve one’s health and wellness. Their exercises unite body and mind very effectively.

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