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Though many people assume that yoga may be difficult and complex, Dahn Yoga classes quickly reveal the simplicity of unique approach for strengthening the mind-body connection. Unlike many mind-body practices known as yoga which originate in India, Dahn Yoga classes are developed from traditional Korean healing principles.

Dahn Yoga is “energy” yoga and Dahn Yoga classes focus on strengthening the lower abdomen, the body’s center of energy, for calming and centering oneself. Though rigorous and invigorating, Dahn Yoga classes feature simple exercises, dynamic stretching and relaxed postures.

While contributing to strength, flexibility and feelings of well-being, Dahn Yoga takes one on a revealing journey into oneself. With practice, those who explore Dahn Yoga classes can happily reforge the link between their minds and bodies.

5 thoughts on “Dahn Yoga Classes”

  1. Dahn yoga is the perfect combination of physical and mental exercise that reinforces the connection between brain and body. I have and will continue to recommend Dahn yoga to anyone interested in helping themselves through positive reinforcement.

  2. Dahn Yoga exercises are simple yet effective in calming the mind, which in turn relaxes the body. The exercises focus on strengthening the core, the energy center. Practitioners like myself always come out of the classes much more energetic and more relaxed. They also incorporate many breathing techniques and meditation so one can experience deeper relaxation.

  3. One of the coolest forms of yoga that I’ve tried. Great stretching and I especially love that we focus on the “Dahn Jon” – core of the body – it creates such a good balance between strengthening and stretching to calm the mind and body. SO HAPPY I found this. The people are wicked friendly, and all the teachers are helpful and open to answering questions – or at least making time to listen. Quite different, and totally awesome. I really didn’t realize how bad a lot of my habits were for my well being, and how many preconceptions I had. Well, actually, I still have a lot, but anyway, Love that you learn to see yourself and change yourself through class.

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