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Top 10 reasons to try yoga include peace, serenity, personal success factors

Sure, millions of Americans are flocking to yoga, but why are they doing so? Is it the system's simple stretches, its sense of community, its flexibility or its personal success factors?

Here is a list of 10 reasons to try yoga.

1. Invigorating yourself without breaking a sweat – Numerous yoga enthusiasts will tell you that, unlike running, swimming or lifting weights, meditation and posing take a very minor toll on the body's muscles.

2. Reducing pain – According to numerous studies, doing yoga may reduce the aches and pains associated with pre-menstrual syndrome, sciatica and neck or back conditions, as emphasized in a recent list published by

3. Expanding your lungs – The Yoga Alliance notes that deep breathing exercises can open up your lungs and improve breathing.

4. Narrowing your focus – Yoga has been shown to improve concentration.

5. Deepening your self-understanding – Do you occasionally feel like you don't even know who you are anymore? This sort of existential crisis is quite common. Many devoted yoga practitioners report that they gradually found their true selves through guided meditation.

6. Anxiety relief – Approximately 29 percent of American adults are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder during their lifetime, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Why not try yoga as a way to relax?

7. Helping others – Many personal success systems involve philanthropy and giving. The best yoga programs help you give back to your community.

8. Not sweating the little things – Are you finding that you get angry at life's minutiae? Doing a few yoga exercises may calm you down.

9. Yoga's adaptability – The holistic regimen can be performed nearly anywhere!

10. Owing it to oneself – Don't you deserve to relax, to stay fit, to explore yourself or to connect with others? Why wait any longer?

Give yoga a try!

As the Yoga Journal notes, 15.6 million Americans have already tried it themselves. You could be next!

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