Powerful Waterfalls can be a great source of inner strength

Find serenity in the power of nature at Aughrabies Falls National Park

While there are many ways for one to achieve a life balance, meditation in a serene and beautiful location seems to be one of the more effective routes. Individuals have sought peace in any number of locations across the globe, yet travelers who seek inspiration from the raw power of nature may want to head to the Northern Cape Province of South Africa to witness the awe-inspiring power of Aughrabies Falls National Park.

Spanning an area of approximately 820 square-kilometers, Aughrabies National Park is an arid expanse of land that encompasses many of the region's desert ecosystems. Despite this sparse and rocky landscape, the park is home to the Aughrabies Falls, a stunning cascade that channels the raging waters of the Orange River over a narrow ledge.

The sheer force of the falls produces a powerful, yet soothing sound that originally earned it the name of Ankoerebis (loosely translated as 'place of big noises') among the native Khoikhoi people.

In the presence of this massive natural force, visitors will truly be able to feel the strength of the natural world – a big benefit for meditation and relaxation.

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