Tai chi practitioners balance working life with rejuvenating exercise

Though it was initially developed as a martial exercise, tai chi – like that practiced by Dahn Yoga members – has evolved into a broadly applicable spiritual discipline that can lead to a balanced life and improve strength and composure.

Tai chi began as a so-called soft martial art, meaning it focused on slow movements and passive or receptive energies. Those who try it often feel a sense of relaxation or decompression, according to Santee Patch, California.

In Dahn Yoga, tai chi exercises are referred to as DahnMuDo, which translates from Korean to “the way of limitless energy.” In the world of Dahn Yoga, DahnMuDo is less a martial art and more a way to physically gather mental and spiritual energy.

At its core, the practice centers on flowing movement, which can improve the circulation of the body’s life-energy, known as Ki. DahnMuDo also keeps the mind centered and the spirit focused. Instructors often ask that their students attempt to temporarily withdraw from selfhood, allowing the body and mind to reconnect in an atmosphere of stillness and calm.

By engaging in proper postures and movements, individuals may improve their coordination, strength, balance and life outlook.

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