High-tech yoga clothing can’t beat the DoBok for comfort, odorlessness

If it’s done too vigorously, yoga can really whip up a sweat. Perspiration is typically a sign that practitioners are working themselves overly hard, since the more pacific varieties of yoga, like meditation or Dahn Yoga tai chi, are known to strengthen the body and even facilitate weight loss without excess labor.

Those varieties of yoga that cause sweating create additional problems, like how to handle all that moisture and body odor. A new clothing line has even been released that claims to prevent perspiration-related odor, according to WCSH news.

The clothing, which is largely indistinguishable from the tight, clingy type of workout outfit, uses silver threads to minimize smells, its manufacturers told the news source.

While this solution may be viable, its cost-effectiveness is questionable. Rather than pursuing increasingly baroque solutions to the problem of body odor, practitioners of yoga can look to Dahn Yoga tai chi – and its traditional vestments – for an answer.

In this ancient discipline, yogis wear a loose outfit made of all-natural fibers. Dahn Yoga clothing usually consists of a long-sleeved top and roomy pants. Since this form of tai chi is practiced in a temperate setting anyway, the combination of comfortable clothing and mild temperatures means practitioners can relax, meditate and lose weight without breaking an aromatic sweat.

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