Mind-Body Training Methods Containing Philosophy of Ancient Korea

The empty sky at which we look with no particular thoughts in mind is not just empty space. It looks empty, but it is full of the life energy, Ki. Every one of us lives and breathes depending on that empty sky. Although Ki is invisible, it is the dynamic force creating all organisms including humans, making them active and changing them.

The Korean people called the source of life, “Han,” and also named the primordial life force or energy, “Dahn.” Dahnhak Ki-gong is a mind-body training method based on the “Han Philosophy” of ancient Korea.

The Han Philosophy contains the truth that everything in the universe was created from “One Ki” and also returns to this one place when extinguished, and that everything is connected by that one energy source. It also includes the idea that the universe comprises three intrinsic elements, heaven, earth, and humanity, and that these three do not exist separately from each other.

Our bodies and minds are not separate, either. The mind can be trained by governing the body, and the body can be trained by controlling the mind. The role of Ki is to connect body and mind like a bridge at a point between the two. Dahnhak Ki-gong is a practice for maximizing the capabilities of the body and mind by accepting and controlling the life force of the infinite universe, Ki, through concentration, Ki-gong movements, and breathing.

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